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Web Tips

Misinformation and deception are rife on the Web. If you don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper, don’t believe everything you read or see on the Web. I’ve put together a collection of cyber-savvy tips you can add to your bag of tricks when you go online.



1. mahmoud bilal - May 19, 2007

That’s a very good Web Tip. Unfortunately considerable misinformation and deception are coming in the field of politics.Iam Sudanese who is living and working abroad but I visit my own home country whenever I find any chance.What bother me always is the big deal of lies and misinformation/ deception we hear from some political groups from the so-called developed countries who’s statements are followed blindly by the public, like their call to divest from companies investing in Sudan .Unfortunatetly the whole world is full of idiots and those who could easily be deceived by any ( pritnted ) reports.

Those politicians have their own agenda and are backed by the transnational companies that adopt all dirty means in order to attain
their objects.When I compare my own information about my own homeland and people I find it very difficult to digest the reports of those groups about ethnic cleansing in Darfur for example.Their claim for that call, as they allege, is to prevent the Sudan government from utilizing the oil revenue in killing the people!!.This is a false statement aiming only at deprivation of the Chinese from getting any benefits from their investment in Sudan as they are the main investor in this field.Is there any evidence that Sudan government is using all these revenues in armament ? The answer in obviously ( NO ) and according to my watches the living of all social classes in Sudan is improving after the oil commercial production.Yes the process is slow but ( something ) is better than ( nothing ) .On the other hand the Sudan has the right to purchase arms like any other country, and even before the oil revenues the government used to buy such arms .Is there any country in the world which needs to have oil in order to buy arms?.Is Afganstan an oil-producing country ? Do palestinians have any oil to finance and fuel their missiles against Israel ? But who can convince all people not to believe everything they read on the web?????????

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