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YouTube Alienates Amateurs By Courting Pros – Reuters
Print News Media Go Live With Video Programming – NYT
Newspapers and Video: Slow and Steady or Flood the Zone? – PaidContent
The Death of the Cyberflâneur – NYT
Media as politics in Singapore – Asia Times
When Unrest Stirs, Bloggers Are Already in Place – NYT
New media emerge in ‘liberated’ Libya – BBC
Internet role in Egypt’s protests – BBC
Arab states rocked by the mouse that roared – Sydney Morning Herald
We need a serious critique of net activism – Guardian
TOC Gazetted: It’s not about politics, but media – TOC
Media’s Job Not to Protect Powerful From Embarrassment – Guardian
Why the WikiLeaks Drama Is Overblown – Daily Beast
WikiLeaks Stirs Debate on Info Revolution – Reuters
Google Opens Online Bookstore – WSJ
Corporate video conquers the internet – BBC
Saving CNN, Newsweek in four steps – MSNBC
When a Camcorder Becomes a Life Partner – NYT
Cameron hails ‘revolutionary’ Whitehall data website
The March of the Netizens – BBC
David Hockney’s Instant iPad Art – BBC
Understand US Election Via Campaign Ads – BBC
Why Twitter’s C.E.O. Demoted Himself – NYT



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