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Founding Editor, Webs@Work

Multimedia Journalist and
Web Documentary Director

Joanne KY Teoh works at the intersection of digital narratives and interactive story forms, having authored documentaries, TV programs, articles, papers, university curricula and masterclasses on the subjects. A documentary artist and transmedia journalist with over 20 years of international media experience, she held senior management, creative and editorial roles at leading news organizations, honing her journalistic expertise from BBC, CNN and CNA.

Very much a global citizen, Joanne has worked, lived and studied for extended periods in Asia, Australia, the United States and Europe. Currently based in Asia, Joanne divides her time between Singapore and Paris, e-coaching and consulting on video strategies and content innovation. She works on multimedia projects around the world with associates in Zurich, Maastricht, London, New York, Sydney and Silicon Valley.

Awarded a broadcast scholarship to the US, Joanne has a Masters in Journalism and was a member of the editorial team that launched Asian network Channel NewsAsia in 1999. She pioneered TV series on social issues, travel, technology and business, winning international recognition for her role as writer, director and executive producer.  As news editor, Joanne helmed TV coverage on global events including the Gulf wars, 911 attacks, SARs outbreak, Asian financial crisis and Indian Ocean tsunami. Her documentary work has taken her to ground zero of disaster zones and into corporate suites and palaces to interview presidents, Noble laureates, CEOs and prime ministers. Her work have been honored for excellence in journalism, translated and screened globally.

Joanne brought her record of accomplishment in content innovation to launch diverse TV documentary genres about Asia and media culture in collaboration with leading Asian networks. They include Mirror On The World: A News Special, I Witness, Children Of Tsunami, I’m Special: IT’s OK, A Nation Rallies On, Defining Singapore, Spirit of Singapore, !SAY and The Perfect Meal. Two top-rated TV series she pioneered – Asia’s Best Kept Secrets and The Medical Touch – are currently in their sixth season on Channel NewsAsia. Joanne’s blue chip portfolio includes commissioned productions for Citigroup, Montblanc, Miele, APEC, Maxwell Chambers, Singapore Tourism Board, International Enterprise Singapore and Ministry of Information and the Arts (Singapore).  She wrote ‘Farewell to the People’s President’ which won the MediaCorp News Excellence Award (2005) for ‘Best Live Event Coverage’.

With the advent of the Internet and over 500 hours of TV programs to her credit, Joanne has turned her range of experience and knowledge to the key questions facing media practitioners today – how the Web is changing the way we communicate and produce journalism. She publishes widely, leads masterclasses and speaks at international conferences on the subject. A member of the Open Video Alliance and International Documentary Association, Joanne is author of Beyond the Disaster News Template (TVEAP, 2006)  Multimedia Public Affairs Reporting (SIM University, 2010 ) and The Impact of the Internet on Teaching and Practicing Journalism (University of Michigan Press, 2001.)

Frequently invited to keynote, speak and lecture around the world on narrative innovation, Joanne has given talks at Broadcast Asia, Asian Media Summit, Foreign Correspondents Association (Singapore), MIT, Harvard Nieman Foundation, University of Tokyo, NYU and Newsplex Asia’s Digital Journalism Festival 2013 at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Her insights on convergent media are recommended reading for university media courses and widely cited.

An active volunteer and advocate of new media for learning in her community, Joanne served on the former Parents’ Advisory Group for the Internet and mentors students of the University Scholars Program at NUS on media skills. She chairs the jury of The Asian Multimedia Publishing Awards (2011), co-founded the Foreign Correspondents Association (Singapore) Multimedia Journalism Prize (2009) and is Director of the Asian Children’s Media Summit in Singapore (2011 – 2013) Email: joanneteoh@mac.com



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