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The Web has become a central consuming idea, transforming us as individuals, communities and polities. This digital publication curates new thinking and practices on the Web as a way of life and offers practical tips to ride its cultural, technological and legal shifts.

Webs@Work is published by Sapphire Studios, an international social initiative supported by foundations committed to advancing a free Web and building virtual connections to empower people to bring about positive change.

The Web invites us to advocate, network and connect to re-imagine a new future for our analog world. Support this essential conversation about the Webs at work in our lives. We accept invitations to speak and lead virtual workshops anywhere in the world on the ideas and practices presented here.

Joanne KY Teoh
Founding Editor



1. khengze - December 29, 2006
2. David - April 23, 2007

I learned about your blog. You may be interested in the Alternative Channel Citizen Journalist Contest.

http://www.alternativechannel.tv – an independent television-over-internet news channel – launches the 2007 International Citizen Journalist Contest.

This contest is open to everyone who feels they have something worth saying using video & producing a 1m30s to 3 minute video (report or testimonial).

Please pass this information on to everyone who is likely to be interested!

$100,000 in prizes. 5 categories.
The Alternative Channel audience will nominate their top 30 favorites in each category.
The final will take place from September 15th to November 15th, 2007.
A jury made up of professional journalists will choose the 3 winners in each category, and prizes will be awarded on the 1st of December 2007 during the first International “Citizen Journalism Summit”

The five award categories:
1. Best subject “English language”
2. Best subject “French language”
3. Best subject “Spanish language”
4. Best Alternative Channel “International news subject”
5. The “Audience Choice” Award

The prizes are the following
1st Prize of each category: 10 000 €
2nd Prize of each category: 3 000 €
3rd Prize of each category: 2 000 €

3. khengze - April 25, 2007

Thanks David, the project looks really promising.

4. Beth Kanter - August 11, 2007

Thank you for the link! Are you coming to the Cambodia Bloggers Summit in PP in two weeks?

5. khengze - August 12, 2007

Hey Beth, thanks for stopping by and for the teaching tools in your blog. They’re a great help in my work with young people on creating content for the Web. Yes, I’m planning to attend the Cambodia Summit.

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