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New Web-based Creative Economy August 18, 2010

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in News.

The romantic ideal of the starving artist-genius has become so engrained in contemporary psyche that we stereotype creatives as sufferers. It is time to challenge that assumption to embrace creativity and its practice in alignment with the vibrancy of modern cities.

From Silicon Valley to Singapore to rural Rwanda, entrepreneurs are contributing to social advancement in profound and unexpected ways with the global reach of their activities in economic, social, and environmental spheres. The Web economy has fostered a new perspective on the power of entrepreneurship to improve society to enable action to unleash its potential benefits.

Success in the creative economy demands new ways of collaborating within and across organizations, new infrastructures, and new organizational forms to support innovation. The Web-based creative economy works in complicated and evolving structures — matrix organizations, networked organizations, alliances and partnerships – where much work occurs across these organizational boundaries, making collaboration challenging.

What are the new organizational dilemmas, models and frameworks for working through them? Modern business creators must establish moves to market quickly through the combined use of social, open and proprietary tools, databases, services and applications while still planting the seeds of longevity & scalability.

One example – the notion of traditional office and workforce is changing. Alternative ways of working and new places to work are springing up. A trend towards nomadism, outsourcing, freelancing, shared workspace and collaborative endeavors is generating greater productivity and increased business opportunity. Web-based tools are enabling workspaces and professional disciplines to merge.


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