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NYTimes Plans Daily Webcast March 6, 2010

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Advertising, Convergence, Journalism, News, Web Video.
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Watch your backs TV networks! Even an august brand like The New York Times is set to desert legacy media for a brighter future as a purveyor of video news.

The Wall Street Journal has been doing a twice-daily online newscast of its own, called The News Hub, since September.

Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. has said he doesn’t know how much longer a printed version of the paper will exist and likened the medium to the Titanic.

The paper is set to launch a daily webcast as soon as a month from now, according to sources familiar with the planning. The show will be produced at the Times’s offices and air around lunchtime EST, when consumption of online video peaks.

Details are being ironed out, including the primary faces of the webcast and what kinds of video the Times should be producing.

So should the NYT be doing TV-style newscasts with reporter talking heads explaining their stories? Or lengthy, expensive taped pieces that hardly anyone watches?

It’s an opportunity to fill the vacuum created as traditional TV news operations like ABC News dramatically downsize.

By tapping its journalistic cache on great people and stories to create a news show, the Times would cut out the TV networks and book straight from their reporters’ notebooks or op-ed pages.

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