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MTV Bows Out To Reality Of TV February 14, 2010

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RIP MTV. After 29 years, the music TV network has bowed to the inevitable, finally dropping “Music Television” off its logo to reflect its changed positioning. Actually it looks like the logo has been cropped by accident.

If you still want to watch a music channel, check out Fuse TV. MTV is far from a music channel these days, more of a dumping ground for American teen crap. I was a teen once, and MTV was relevant. The reality now is MTV has lost its centrality in young people’s lives and is competing with Facebook and YouTube in a post-network age.

There’s nothing revolutionary about the new logo – described by the network as a ‘refresh’ rather than a redesign. But what it does do differently is join the ever-growing ranks of the ‘logo-as-receptacle-for-imagery’ crowd.

MTV logo has appeared in many forms as a canvas for artists, and animators – from fur to frozen ice, dripping paint to dripping blood. The difference now, reflecting the new realities of the channel, is that the space in the new logo will be used to push its programming and its reality TV micro-celebrities.

MTV’s international brand refresh that rolled out across the company’s network of 64 channels is created by MTV’s creative directors in collaboration with UK-based studio Universal Everything.

A little desperate and very sad to see MTV like this. Tarting up an aging brand, trying to be relevant again with a clutch of kitschy eye candy to hide the fact that the product is passe.

MTV is gearing its look for a primary audience whose profile is a far cry from its original viewers. They’re trying to appeal to kids today who are the same age we were when we first starting watching MTV.

Just like Apple Computer in 2007 decided to call itself Apple Inc to signify the company’s focus on a broad range of tech products, such as the iPhone and the iPod. Consumers do absorb such branding shifts over time.

Generic names like Music Television, Sci-Fi, Arts & Entertainment – date from the dawn of multi-channel TV, when it was enough to tell viewers you were offering a certain type of programming. That approach poses problems in today’s teeming media market.

Twenty-five years ago, MTV was best known for music videos starring Michael Jackson and Madonna. These days, its reigning queen is not a recording star at all but rather Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, the rowdy party girl from the reality series “Jersey Shore.”

In an era of rapid technological change and microscopic attention spans, how networks identify themselves matters more than ever. MTV has evolved into a reality channel that occasionally runs programs that have to do with music.

Too late for MTV which acknowledges that being ‘music TV’ is too limiting and the right brand is essential to cut through the noise and clutter of the media explosion bedeviling the TV industry. Viewers have moved beyond what the old logo said and folks who watch it today don’t refer to MTV as music television.

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