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Me Too Media and All Things 2.0 November 19, 2008

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Civic Media, Social Media, Trends.
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So what’s media? For something so ubiquitous, perhaps we could define media by its purpose – to entertain, inform, persuade. The Web is increasingly populated by “me too” media flaunting a 2.0 appendage to pass off as immigrants in digital space.

Someone, somewhere is creating a new form of content and experience – books, magazines, journals, weekly newspapers, daily newspapers, radio, TV, blogs, online video, podcasts, Web, radio and other streaming audio, electronic books, online magazines, art, games (console, computer, online, mobile)

What will sustain media in an age of narrowcasting and niches, when the one-to-many model of information mediation is passe and broadcasting is headed the way of the dinosaur? It is paring the complicated to reveal the complex, separating the wheat from the chaff and simplifying the simplistic to the significant.

The availability of digital tools to create, present and distribute media has trivialized content and blurred the lines between the professional and amateur. Value will increasingly be created by curators, not gatekeepers.

The founders of I Can Has Cheezburger, Pete Cashmore of Mashable and Robert Scoble of FastCompany filter through a huge amount of media and select a small set of content to present to their respective audiences. In some cases they create content themselves, hire others to create content, or select and promote works created by a large pool of people.

Examples of modern curation:

Monocle – a traditional print publication with a solid web presence, looks much like a traditional polished magazine, but functioning as curators in many ways. They select a small set of physical goods which they sell customized versions of to their readers. Rich multimedia with lots of photos and video.

Jason Kottke – Blogging as a curator of “fine hypertext products” Jason has linked to the best stuff he finds across the web, often design related. His audience is passionate enough that he supports himself from his blog and he selects his advertisers with much the same care as the sites to which he links.

WallBlank – A site that sells one print a day, five days a week, either a photograph or a print, always a limited edition and selected with care. One of a number of similar businesses which sell a small set of limited editions, usually only one or two works a day (or a week). See also Threadless, PleaseDress.me and 20×200.com



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