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Rielle Hunter’s Webisodes For Edwards August 9, 2008

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Journalism, News, Web Video.
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OK, John Edwards did a Bill Clinton. Now some of the most searched videos on the Web are those by Rielle Hunter, the mistress and neophyte producer who directed the Webisodes about the former US presidential candidate.

After adamant denials, Edwards, a possible 2008 vice presidential candidate, admitted today he had an affair with Hunter, the video director of his One America campaign.

Responding to rumors which surfaced in October 2007 of their affair, the former Lisa Druck, said the Edwards camp gave her video production company US$114,000 to produce the series she had proposed to the senator in a bar in New York City.

One clip is just 2’26.” The four little vain videos for his Website were taken down when Edwards began his presidential run in 2007 – until now. Someone has re-posted them on YouTube Channel as Missing Videos.

As I said, everything has a way of finding its way back to the Web. But see no sleaze. Viewers (read voters) get a real look at the man. One has Edwards crafting a speech on the need to “live in a moral, honest, just America.” Man, that’s authentic.

Within political circles, the videos were seen as innovative, painting Edwards in a down-to-earth light. Now that narcissism is one more excuse for our sexual indiscretions, I guess we should see these videos in new light. After all, they urrm … strip bare a narcissist.

Webisode 1 – Plane Truth

Webisode 2 – The Golden Rule:

Webisode 3 – Plight of Uganda

Webisode 4 – Plugs


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