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YouTube Video Award Winners March 22, 2008

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in News, Reviews, Web Video, YouTube.

eEmmys? Oscars 2.0? The people have spoken, and viral clips along with Web stalwarts won big in the second annual YouTube Video Awards recognizing the top user-created videos of 2007.

The honors include “bragging rights, a trophy and a special invitation to an event later this year.” YouTube users voted from six nominees in each category: music, sports, comedy, instructional, short film, inspirational, commentary, creative, politics, series, eyewitness and “adorable.”

My Name is Lisa, a drama about a young girl and her mother who has Alzheimer’s, triumphed in the newly added Short Film category.

Honors for top Web Series went to The Guild, whose creator and star Felicia Day is getting lauded left, right and center for her quirky online comedy chronicling the relationships among a fictional team of online fantasy gamers. Here’s a profile of the series.

Chocolate Rain stole the thunder in the Music camp, having already morphed Tay Zonday from an unknown musician to Web superstar.

Stop the Clash of Civilizations by AvaazOrg topped the Politics category.

The Original Human Tetris was Creative video of choice.

Battle at Kruger took Best Eyewitness Video for its astonishing footage of a baby water buffalo surviving an attack by lions and a crocodile in the African prairie.


1. coffee - January 4, 2009

i nominate Chocolate rain as the #1 most likely song to get stuck in a person’s head

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