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PBS TV/Web Documentary in Multimedia March 21, 2008

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Journalism, News, Reviews, Web Video, YouTube.
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The journalism of PBS FRONTLINE is recognized every week for in-depth, no-glitz examination of something significant. On Monday March 24, the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, PBS will retrace the path of the war in a two-part documentary that draws on its FRONTLINE reports to examine the legacy of the Bush administration.

Once in a rare moment, a work comes along to reconcile our hopes in the Web as a documentary medium. “Bush’s War” elevates the telling of true stories by weaving facts with technology in innovative ways to illuminate the enduring myths of our culture. Conceived last November, FRONTLINE’s New TV/Web Experience offers the definitive documentary analysis by veteran producer Michael Kirk.

Here’s how PBS describes its political thriller:

Across the entire four-hour Bush’s War series that will be streamed online, FRONTLINE will integrate and embed in its video player an array of related interviews, background material and video that can be viewed with just a click. In addition, more than 100 video clips of key moments and events in the Iraq war will be the centerpiece of an annotated master chronology which FRONTLINE will publish on the Bush’s War site.

The interviews, video and background material are drawn from one of the richest archives in broadcast journalism: FRONTLINE’s 40+ hours of documentaries and 400 interviews done since 9/11 on Iraq and the war on terror, as well as new interviews conducted for Bush’s War.



1. A pissed of PBS watcher - April 23, 2008

Frontline has become a bitch to BUSH’s doublespeak and i will not give PBS another dime…..The BUSH director pick for the peoples Radio and TV have made these entities into their propaganda machines!!!!!!!

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