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TV Next Roadkill as Web Video Hits February 28, 2008

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Convergence, News, Web Video, YouTube.

After newspapers, TV could be the next roadkill on the Web. With Web video shaping up to be viewers’ platform of choice, the migration of eyeballs and time spent watching video online is eating into broadcasters’ advertising pie.

Google’s plan to wring advertising revenue from its Youtube videos will keep broadcasters up on many a sleepless nights. If Google succeeds in marrying advertising to online video, broadcasters could find themselves in a bind similar to newspaper publishers. The familiar scenario – declining circulation and advertisers switching to cheaper, more effective online distribution.

For me, watching ads-infested TV sucks. With so many multimedia offerings online, scheduling must-watch shows is really a pain. I’m switching to Web video because I don’t want to waste time sitting through the TV ads. Here are the Web video hits that are making roadkill out of TV:

Democracy Internet TV
Live Online TV
PBS Frontline

The Jeff Pulver Blog has a great collection of video Websites grouped into five zones, from professionally “produced” TV shows to personal video blogs:

1. “TV on the Net” – sites for TV shows that are, or have been, on TV/Cable and are available for viewing on the Net.

2. “TV Shows Only Available on the Internet” – new programs produced for the viewing on broadband.

3. “User Created Content sites” – sites like Veoh and YouTube which let community members upload video to share with others.

4. “Sites to View TV” – sites like ChannelKing and ChannelChooser where someone can watch commercial TV stations.

5. “Misc” – for websites that didn’t fit in any of the above.


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