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Web Video and Predictions for 2008 December 15, 2007

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Convergence, News, Trends, Web Video.

As 2007 winds down, it’s time to take stock of Web video over the past year and how the landscape is likely to evolve. Jeremy Allaire of Brightcove sounds off the Web video market in an article.

The central thesis is that two general categories have emerged in the Internet video market over the past year:

Aggregators – which include consumer sharing sites, commercial video portals, and social networks,

Platforms – such as Internet TV platforms, community platforms, and uber ad platforms.

For video content owners and website publishers, several major trends will shape strategies in the Web video market.

Branded Destinations – media companies with established brands and new start-ups will continue to build successful branded destinations so they can control the access to audiences.

Audience Networks – content owners will continue to develop distribution strategies that place elements of their content library into wide distribution, in most cases with advertising attached.

Audience Monetization – content owners will look for new ways to blend ad formats, insertion policies, and targeting tactics across pages, short-form video clips, long-form shows, and open distribution.

Contextual Publishing – short-form online video does best placed in a context created by web pages, comments from users, etc. Contextual in-page video publishing will grow.

High-Quality Video – the increasing access consumers have to long form, high-quality video will push Web TV closer to traditional broadcast TV.



1. fact funny - December 20, 2007

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2. khengze - December 21, 2007

Great to know you like it! My blog Webs@Work strives to serve netizens both as a watering hole and take-off point for facts, issues and ideas about all things Internet. Thank you for visiting and do stop by often.

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