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Singapore MDA Singalong Rap November 23, 2007

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in News, Reviews, Social Media, Web Video, YouTube.
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Tis the season to be silly, and the blogosphere is abuzz with delight and dismay over a rap video just YouTubed, featuring the theatrics of big wigs at the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

The MDA regulates and censors media and the arts in this prim city state. So one shouldn’t be surprised that its corporate cavort has all the cheer of mandatory office fun, replete with hip hop HOD mission statements and the vision thing, contrived to connect and show how open-minded government officials can be at their year-end office D&D.

The original MDA video was made for an internal staff conference in April. It was later sent to industry members with the media regulator’s annual report and put online. Since then, the MDA website has been visited twice as often.

The long thread of comments on the YouTube page shows netizens’ sentiment towards the caper touting Singapore’s media ambitions. A true Singapore-made rojak with all the right viral ingredients and that touch of (c)rap.

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