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The PacNet vs Odex Saga August 25, 2007

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Journalism, News, YouTube.

Will your ISP protect you? This week, Pacific Internet or PacNet, managed to protect its subscribers, preventing its customers’ information from reaching the hands of Singapore-based Anime distributor Odex.

The ruling raised eyebrows because two other Internet service providers in Singapore had been ordered to disclose the names of alleged illegal downloaders. The much awaited verdict in PacNet’s favor is a slap on the faces of SingNet and StarHub that gave in earlier.

Whether it’s time to switch ISP, the saga teaches useful lessons, and may have set an important precedent in the area of Internet privacy. Odex, an anime distributor has aggressively tracked down and sent legal threats against local Web users who allegedly downloaded anime via the BitTorrent network.

As a result, several downloaders received letters threatening legal action. Some settled out of court for undisclosed sums. The youngest was 9 years old. Odex does not deny profiting from this early settlement. It says 300 letters were sent out, about 100 recipients settled with money. The rest are being mediated.

Unlike Singtel, PacNet engaged lawyers to resist Odex’s court application to force the ISP to reveal subscriber information. A key issue is whether a commercial entity can threaten criminal prosecution. Anime fans and sympathizers used the Web to lodge a legal challenge to Odex’s perceived heavy-handed methods.

Here’s the TV report on the Odex saga and comments by former Deputy Public Prosecutor Thomas Koshy, an IP watcher. The feature was telecast 5th September week on the Singapore-based network Channel NewsAsia and YouTubed. Read forum comments on the TV program here.

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