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End of Anonymous Blogging in China August 25, 2007

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Journalism, News.

A bunch of bureaucrats making yet another meaningless pledge to justify their existence. The Chinese government has again forced Web sector companies to cooperate on sensitive issues – in this case, blogger registration and blog content. The new pact stops short a previous project mandating bloggers to register, but it can be used to force service providers to censor Web content and identify bloggers.

The Internet Society of China, an offshoot of the information industry ministry this week unveiled a “self-discipline pact” reportedly signed by 20 or more of the largest blog service providers in China, including Yahoo.cn! and MSN.cn. These companies have in the past provided the police with information about their clients, resulting in arrests.

Free speech advocacy group, Reporters Without Borders says this decision will have grave consequences for the Chinese blogosphere. Under the new pact, blog service providers are “encouraged” to register users under their real names and contact before letting them post blogs. More seriously, they must keep this information, allowing authorities to identify them.



1. PB and J - August 25, 2007

of course, the government of China can try to keep a lid on blogging, but do you honestly think such a thing can be stopped???

look at Napster. the US government tried to stop music downloads by shutting down Napster. but what happened? instead there are many hundreds of free downloading sites. trying to stop free communication in the Internet Age is futile, in my personal opinion.


2. khengze - August 25, 2007

The Web is no longer the great liberator as once thought, but a battleground for policies and practices on censorship and surveillance. Industry and government may align in the name of intellectual property protection for additional snooping, but technological realities will trump legal scare tactics. As Napster has shown, the law of truly large numbers means someone somewhere out there is always motivated to fight efforts to control this frontier.

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