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CNN’s YouTube Presidential Debates July 20, 2007

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Convergence, Journalism, News, Web Video, YouTube.

Post debate update 24 July:
YouTubers Challenge With Health Care, Iraq Questions (CNN)
Pure Horserace: YouTube — Hit Or Hype? (CBS)
US Democrats Hold YouTube Debate (BBC)


CNN and YouTube will host a presidential debate with a new twist on Monday. Touted as a debate with “No journalists. No panelists. No filters,” user-generated video questions sent in by the public via YouTube will drive the live event on the Web.

A Democratic debate is slated for July 23, with a Republican version to follow on September 17. A forum will feature video questions submitted by YouTube users that will be broadcast and answered by presidential candidates. The move by the US cable news network to embrace the Internet in politics seeks to engage users online for the first time in the US presidential debate.

YouTube enables voters and candidates to communicate in a way that simply was not possible during the last election. For the first time in the history of presidential debates, voters from around the country will be able to ask the future president of the United States a question in video form and hear the answer.

CHAD HURLEY, CEO and Co-founder, YouTube

Immediately after the debates, user questions and candidate answers will be featured on YouTube and the full debate video will be available for viewing on CNN.com. People can also engage in community features, extending the life of the debates, and participate in the ongoing political dialogue. They can share their post-debate political analysis by submitting video commentary through I-Report, the citizen media platform of CNN online. Learn more.

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