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Pimp Your Search Profile 2.0 June 16, 2007

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Advertising, Essays, Social Media, Trends.

Excuse me, are you a politician? Have you pimped your profile online? Forget kissing babies and door-to-door handshakes. That’s so 1.0. Get Googly instead.

Welcome to hustings 2.0! First, enlist YouTube for your campaign platform. Next, out-Google your opponents. How? Refine your search strategy to drive traffic to your campaign sites.

Psst! Did you know Al Gore is a senior adviser to top search engine Google? Mr Inconvenient Truth may be keeping mum on throwing his hat in the presidential ring, but brace for search terms around his pet peeves.

The Web is the channel flavor of the month to stump for votes. Don’t just stop at organic search results. You can buy search-term advertising to boost traffic from search engines. So if you’re passionate about your cause, issue, peeve etc etc fork out some $$ for those terms to stake your turf.

Take “global warming.” It’s so hot. Why not buy a sponsored listing for buzz phrase “climate change?” Here’s a search tip if you’re trying to get to Gore – go boolean, like “Al + Global Warming.” That’s because surprisingly so far, global warming and climate change are significantly absent from political search terms.

Why are people still cool to the scares trotted out about Gaia on heat? Apparently searches on these terms are sending Web users to news and educational sites. So either people are real interested in looking up the topic to learn, or warnings on global warming aren’t scaring folks anymore, or it’s just a political non-issue.

Incidentally, America’s top political-issue search term is “abortion.” That has been its most divisive political issue over the last several elections. So it behoofs the net-savvy candidate to purchase search terms like “pro-choice” and “pro-life.” Interesting to see the top politics-related search terms in prosperity-driven Asian societies like Singapore.

Search statistics offer glimpses into the candidates’ public image. What would you do if you were an online campaign strategist? If you drill down to search terms juxtaposed with a name, you may be confronted with an unsettling truth.

No prizes for Barack Obama. It’s “muslim.” But Hillary Clinton. The lady builds her profile to associate with political positions on health care. Guess what her searchers are focused on? Her theme song contest.

Republican candidates are more Googly then their Democratic counterparts. For the first week in June 2007, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani received over 41.4% of his official campaign site traffic from Google.

The current most-searched-for Republican, Senator Fred Thompson, received over 47.5% of his traffic. Hillary Clinton got 21.6% and Barack Obama 22.2%.

Clinton and Obama can take comfort in the fact that they have more MySpace friends than their Republican counterparts. Clinton has over 7.9% of her visits from the leading online social network while Obama trails at 3.9%

General Manager of Global Research at Hitwise.


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