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Everything New is Old Again … June 14, 2007

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Journalism.

Old media never die. They don’t even necessarily fade away. What dies are simply the tools we use to access media content – the 8-track, the Beta tape.

HENRY JENKINS in Rethinking Media Change


When everyone has a blog, a MySpace page or Facebook entry, everyone is a publisher. When everyone has a cellphone with a camera in it, everyone is a paparazzo. When everyone can upload video on YouTube, everyone is filmmaker. When everyone is a publisher, paparazzo or filmmaker, everyone else is a public figure. We’re all public figures now. The blogosphere has made the global discussion so much richer — and each of us so much more transparent.

Columnist & Pulitzer Prize Winner, New York Times

If we keep up this pace, there will be over five hundred million blogs by 2010, collectively corrupting and confusing popular opinion about everything from politics to commerce, to arts and culture.

ANDREW KEEN in The Cult of the Amateur: How the Democratization of the Digital World Is Assaulting Our Economy, Our Culture and Our Values


Sketch courtesy of XKCD.com

In the process of collaborating, people are accountable to one another. If an editor gets a story wrong, he’s disciplined internally. If someone in a collaborative process gets a story wrong, he’s publicly humiliated,

LEONARD BRODY, CEO and co-founder of NowPublic

When the blogosphere has made lives so much more transparent, we should live not in fear of another’s point of view. The lesson to be learned is respect for self and others, and to live our lives in the open.

The Web has become an archipelago of tiny villages tied together not by proximity but by interests. In the old town square, passionate, informed people gathered to share news and create dialogue. Today’s Web is that square. And more and more citizens will be plying the trade once they find the village they want to be part of.


Sketch courtesy of XKCD.com



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