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YouTube Comes to Living Room May 31, 2007

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Convergence, News, Web Video, YouTube.

Soon you won’t need a computer to watch YouTube clips. Goofy home-grown videos will be back where they belong – the living room. Thanks to Google’s friends at Apple, YouTube fans can finally enjoy their favorite clips in a more comfortable setting.

Apple today announced it will bring the most popular content from YouTube to the living room from mid June. Apple TV will wirelessly stream videos directly from YouTube and play them on a user’s widescreen TV.

This is the first time users can easily browse, find and watch YouTube videos right from their living room couch, and it’s really, really fun. YouTube is a worldwide sensation, and Apple TV is bringing it directly from the Internet onto the widescreen TV in your living room.


Jobs dropped the news at The Wall Street Journal’s technology conference. He speaks again today in a rare appearance alongside Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Thousands of the most popular YouTube videos will be available on Apple TV at launch. YouTube will add thousands more each week until its full catalog is available later this year. Apple TV’s interface will let users navigate through YouTube’s browsing categories or search for specific videos. YouTube members can log-in to their accounts on Apple TV to view and save favorite videos.

If this deal works, Apple has a head start on its competitors. But look for tech giants–like Microsoft, Cisco and Sony jumping in with similar products and content deals.

Apple also announced it is offering a new Apple TV build-to-order option with a 160GB hard drive which offers four times the storage for up to 200 hours of video, 36,000 songs, 25,000 photos or a combination of each.

It remains to be seen if YouTube’s choppy video will be watchable on high-definition plasma and whether TV networks will get even more upset when their illicitly uploaded clips can be viewed on a TV.


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