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Joost and the Future of TV March 6, 2007

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Convergence, Web Video.

Those Net kids are at it again. And I have signed up to beta test Joost, a new way to watch TV on the Web. Joost is a peer-to-peer video platform that aspires to be the future of TV itself. Watch the promo clip here.

Who but the Vikings would have the gall to float the best of treasures from the idiot box on the pirate-infested waters of the Internet? Economic folly aside, talk in tech circles is that Joost is good for TV. Joost is free to use because it is supported by advertisements. Check out the screenshots here

There’s serious money and talent here. Brought to you by the Scandinavian duo who hold day jobs at Skype, Joost is the mother of all side shows by Zennström and Friis, Skype CEO and executive VP of Innovation respectively. Both were also behind file-swapping KaZaa.

Never mind that server central is Luxembourg and the proprietary code is built in Estonia. As with Skype, all you need is clever coding to make P2P stream data in real time on a global scale. This streaming video service lets you view DVD-quality video on PCs or TVs for free. It sidesteps bandwidth issues by using a P2P platform to deliver high quality, longform video content.

“Universal TV, running on a hybrid P2P platform – millions of exquisitely networked PCs fortified with traditional video servers. Free to viewers who download the player app. Friendly to content owners, thanks to industrial-strength encryption. Delightful to advertisers, adding pinpoint targeting to their all-time favorite medium. Everyone’s a winner!” WIRED News



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