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MTV plays catch-up March 5, 2007

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Trends, Web Video.

Call it Cool 2.0. Once the arbiter of hip for the young, MTV Networks might be playing catch-up to online social networks like News Corp’s MySpace. The music network is laying “the groundwork to bring its Web sites up to Web 2.0 standards.” It remains to be seen whether this attempt to correct itself is too little too late.

Parent Viacom recently yanked its programs from YouTube, after a deal to supply Joost with movies from Paramount and programming from MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and other stations. In a strategy seen to temper the vitriol, MTV will soon allow other Web sites to embed video from its own sites: VH1.com, Comedycentral.com, BET.com and others.

Part of that is allowing people to take our content and embed it and make your own things out of it, whatever they want. Mika Salmi, MTV Networks President of Global Digital Media

MTV sites have been anything but open. Clips from Comedy Central were available only to those using Internet Explorer and Mac users cannot access video on broadband service of VH1.com. Want to send a link directly to the videos? Don’t even think about it. But in the next few months, Web users will be able to grab videos from nearly all MTV-owned sites and post them on their own blogs or Web sites. Watch this space, for reel pop.


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