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iVideo Marketing March 5, 2007

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Trends, Web Video.

Web Marketing Watch is a new daily video show online which gives visitors search and marketing tutorials in easy-to-digest 3 to 7 minute visual spots. Web show creator Sage Lewis wanted to help marketing executives easily stay up on the fast-paced online marketing industry.

Web Marketing Watch analyses stuff like what works and doesn’t in existing websites; shares tips like how to implement RSS feeds, how to market a website on Flickr, and why Web 2.0 may be the right or wrong strategy for a company website.

Lewis posts the information daily, making each video in the morning of that particular day. New videos are released Monday through Friday at noon EST. Since launching at the start of 2007, the vblog has picked up an impressive following of unique visitors. Lewis is also founder of search marketing firm SageRock.com.

“As I travel a fair amount, I am not always in the office. I might make the video from my phone, my built-in camera on my laptop or my mini DV recorder. But one way or another I will get you web marketing video news you can use.” Sage Lewis

If you’re a busy executive with barely time to answer your phone, let alone read newspapers, e-newsletters or daily blogs, would you scan a video list daily to watch a 5 minute tutorial? Lewis thinks so. What do you think?



1. Idea Guy - March 15, 2007


I would say, Lewis made the right thing. I usually do that. You can learn a lot watching tutorials… which is a great thing…

2. khengze - March 17, 2007

Thanks for commenting. I think these bite-sized clips are watchable but they need to be described properly to help potential viewers decide whether to click and spend a couple minutes of their time.

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