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Blogging as a career December 29, 2006

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in News.

If you’re an A-list blogger, you can earn significant income from running advertisements on your blogs. Sure, not everyone is going to get rich from blogging. But blogging can put you on a new career path, earn you a book deal, or catapult you to fame.

Bloggers who parlay their blogs into consulting gigs usually begin blogs as an alternative platform for sharing thoughts before shifting from blogoshere towards the more capitalist world of selling stuff.

Blogs also lead to full-time jobs, particularly for people who work in media. Blogs can provide a talent pool, from which mainstream media outlets recruit staff. Bloggers have been hired for high-profile positions in mainstream media after making a name for their unique writing style.

Gone are the days of sending in clips or walking a portfolio into an office. Employers, like everyone else, are checking out potential hires on the Internet with a few clicks of a mouse. Writing a blog improves your chances in looking for jobs because an updated site boosts your ranking in search engines and gives potential employers a sense of who you are.

A personal blog acts as a promotional platform. Linking to articles you wrote tells readers you are serious about your profession.

When people look for thoughtful people to work with, like anything else, they’re going to Google it. If they come across you, and find that you have good things to say, you’re steps ahead of the next guy who’s unknown.

Blog-to-Book Deals

There’s a long list of bloggers whose blogs have led to book deals with major publishing houses.
While books based on blogs have met with mixed success, writers can build a fiercely loyal community through blogs, keeping agents and publishers searching the blogosphere for their next author.

A blog can engender a community that can lead directly or indirectly to career opportunities. Blogs enable you to have a relationship with your audience. It’s having a conversation with people that will yield dividends.



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