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The future of blogging October 25, 2006

Posted by Joanne KY Teoh in Trends.

The future of the professional blogosphere
Blogs will be more like the mainstream media. Do reporting and break news on your blogs. The blogosphere has become a survival of the fittest and that boils down to who has the best content. Blogs that stand out are the ones who break news and have credibility.

The blogosphere is developing solid business models with three forms taking shape:

The accidental tourist: A lone writer starts a blog as hobby, then wakes up one day to realize his audience is now as big as a small city newspaper. For advertisers, the lure of blogs is that they’re cheaper than regular newspapers and TV. Plus, blogs offer tightly focused niches, which advertisers love.

The record-label approach: Crank out dozens of sites and hope one or two become hits. Jason Calacanis founded Weblogs, Inc. in September 2003 and began shot-gunning new blogs into niches. Calacanis hit it with Engadget, the second most-linked-to site on Technorati and for which AOL paid $25 million.

The boutique approach: A publisher who crafts individual blogs the way Condé Nast crafts magazines—each one carefully aimed at some ineffable, deluxe readership.


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